The Mission of Hope for Honduran Children Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization,is to protect, inspire, nurture, educate and provide opportunities for forgotten and disadvantaged youth.H4HC has changed the future for more than 6000 of the most vulnerable children.

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Extreme poverty, lack of opportunity, rampant gang and drug related violence contribute to a catastrophic struggle for human survival in Honduras. Most at risk are rural youth who migrate to the cities in search of “opportunity”. Without the benefit of family or a place to live they are confronted with hunger, unemployment, disease, drug cartels, and brutal gangs specializing in trafficking, kidnappings, rape and extortion. The United Nations Global Study on Homicides advocates strong investment in education and employability for the population most at risk- vulnerable children, youth, orphans and those without access to public services.
These are the children the Hope for Honduran Children Foundation serves.
In 2003 my husband and I encountered 24 abandoned and neglected teenage boys living in an abandoned pig sty. We were amazed by their three wishes for a perfect life - food, shoes and pencils. Their needs were achingly clear: they were shoeless and hadn’t eaten in four days. In that moment our futures were changed forever. Many organizations end their support of youth when a child turns eighteen forcing countless boys and girls to leave the protection of these projects without the benefit of training, a support network and a place to go. In a developing country plagued by abject poverty and a complete lack of opportunities, many drift back into the misery from which they originally fled.
We are focused on educating and creating opportunities for the “ultra poor” living in extreme isolation, poverty and fear.