In today’s world, millions of children who need care and protection are forgotten. These children are the poorest, the most vulnerable, the exploited and the abused. In Honduras 80% of the population lives in conditions of extreme poverty and the greater majority are children. There is an overwhelming lack of healthcare, government assist programs, potable water, paved roads and bridges. The chance for education is minimal and unemployment is the norm.

Hope for Honduran Children is making a difference

The primary focus of our foundation is to create opportunities and sustainability for countless youth of Honduras. We help support six impoverished and isolated communities with medical and educational supplies as well as water and food for the communities. We are working to find sponsors for each of our youth, to enhance our growing scholarship fund, and to create new micro enterprises. We are planting the seeds for responsible leadership in a more productive society. We encourage you to join us in the daily challenge of providing opportunities for a better tomorrow for the poorest of the poor in neighboring Honduras.


Youth Transition Homes

Mentor Youth Towards A Successful Transition into Adulthood


Our residential program offers 24 rural youth the opportunity, as they often say, "of a lifetime". All living and academic expenses are covered while residents in the two homes are encouraged to complete their high school and university education, prepare for their futures, while learning and assuming adult responsibilities. In a culture of discipline, respect and love, the homes provide a support network with safe shelter, nutritious food, and the opportunity to pursue a career path. Each resident is carefully mentored towards a successful transition into adulthood. The foundation recognizes an urgent need to provide quality education, teach employable skills, empower willing minds and prepare students for a successful transition into the world of self-sustainability.
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The life of a rural child is pre-determined by a lack of opportunity and education. Unquestionably, this causes the cycle of desperate poverty to continue. teach meOnly 51% of Honduran rural children complete sixth grade and in the mountain villages. 2 in 10 are illiterate. The Honduran government provides free education through 6th grade only. The schools are substandard in every respect: books, supplies, curriculum, poorly trained teachers, often with only a high school education, and usually all six grades in one room. Rural children have no possible escape from the cycle of deplorable poverty without the benefit of a good education. Many are unable to attend school because their families cannot afford the required school supplies and uniforms. By age 7, many are forced to leave school to help contribute to the family's income by working in the fields, or selling eggs, tortillas, melons, etc. Consequently there is a high rate of early teenage pregnancy and ultimately drug and gang activity for those who migrate to Tegucigalpa in search of opportunity. Our Learning Club Program is a welcomed alternative. Hope for Honduran Children has partnered with Potter Technology, a company that developed a small tablet mechanism, with which we are working to develop a vastly improved system of education. We initially purchased enough handheld tablets for 75 students with the hope of securing funding to provide this opportunity for an additional 275 students this year. The rural villages are not connected to the internet, nor is this newly developed mechanism. The teachers provide the foundation the curriculum required by the classroomHonduran government. Next, the foundation researches, creates and downloads Spanish videos that coordinate with the studentís class work in math, Spanish and English. The tablets are easy to use and can be solar recharged. Students will no longer be dependent on one, often over-burdened teacher, who simultaneously oversees six grades in one or two rooms. Students are able use their tablets to review materials and use them again with updated material each consecutive school year. Hope for Honduran Children Foundation works to inspire a love of learning for the underserved in Honduras and we believe our innovative program will change the future for many of the underserved and forgotten children of Honduras. The Learning Club will enhance the quality of education and eventually make education available for countless children.




Computer CenterWith help from many, the foundation is preparing children for successful independent futures and has established three training centers in the vibrant town of Santa Lucia.
The Computer Center
The English Learning Center







The Noreen Macbean Sewing Center

Noreen Macbean had an enormous passion for life, children, and adventure. This vibrant 37 year old woman from Utah was tragically killed while bicycling with a club of 100 cyclists. Always focused on helping others, she was an uplifting friend to many. Noreen's husband, Allen, and other family members are working with the Hope for Honduran Children Foundation, to pay tribute to this beautiful woman in a very meaningful way. The Sewing Center has proven to be enormously successful and is providing children with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to support themselves and improve the lives of their families and villages. The residents of Casa Noble spend several hours each day learning and working in this center – as a result, they have begun their own very successful micro enterprise making and selling cosmetic bags.



Naguara Village CooksIn today’s world, there are millions of forgotten children who have never experienced the joy or even the possibility of “hope”. Our foundation was established to help improve the lives of these children. Our goal is to instill the desire and provide the tools for them to become self-sufficient, caring, and responsible adults. H4HC works directly with rural elementary schools in six remote Honduran villages providing much needed food, educational support, high school scholarships, clothing, and medical aid.
"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. They are the only people who ever have.” - Margaret Mead



The philanthropic efforts of H4HC have had a profound impact on all of our volunteers. In addition to providing for the vulnerable youth of Honduras, we are equally dedicated to inspiring a spirit of philanthropy in the students of North America. With our Feed-a-Village & Sister School Program our goal is to provide North American students with a better understanding of the world in which we live, providing them a life changing experience in the world of compassion, generosity and personal action. Working in partnership with H4HC, American youth learn the true meaning of social responsibility and become keenly aware aware how a small simple act of giving makes an enormous difference. What starts with a simple drive becomes a lesson about the true meaning of altruism. When American students see photos of bright smiles on the faces of children who receive their gifts, their eyes open to an entirely new world they've never seen before. They begin to understand the important role they can play in making life better for others. They learn that “To the world you might be one person, but to one person, you just might be the world.”
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