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The Hope for Honduran Children Foundation is immensely grateful for your continued support during this very difficult time. Together we will endure Covid 19 and with great passion we will continue to rescue and serve the desperate children of Honduras. We will forever hold to the highest standards and with our strong convictions provide inspiration, hope, love and education for so many.


" No one has ever become poor by giving."
Anne Frank        



Category 4 Hurricane Eta made a bad situation in Honduras far far worse.
Information Reported by Jeff Ernst of Vice News
Hurricane ETAFor the people of Honduras, the destruction left by Eta - homes buried in landslides, 400,000 people displaced from their homes, bridges washed away, lives lost in an instant - is a fierce reminder of the 1998 Hurricane Mitch from which Honduras is yet to fully recover. Compounding the current problem is the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic leaving the government with scarce resources to respond to Eta.



The Picture of Poverty in Honduras

housingMany people ask about living conditions in Honduras. I always explain that it is important to try to imagine living isolated in the mountains with no electricity, no clean running water, inadequate health care and no hope for a better tomorrow. We have accomplished much but we have only just begun! Imagine living in rural Honduras!


Due to the pandemic, Honduras “shut down” on the 10th of March. Quarantine was covidmandatory and monitored by a very heavy presence of both the military and police. Those not abiding by the regulations had their vehicles confiscated and received a prison sentence or a substantial fine. Carlos Aguilar, the Honduran Director of H4HC was permitted to leave quarantine to go only to the gasoline station, pharmacy and/or market once every two weeks on a specified day designated by the last digit in his identification card. It was a grueling experience with multiple “check points” along the route and waiting in line for hours to enter the bank and markets

All classes for our university and high school students have been held online seven days a week. Our students adapted very quickly to the new format and there was never even a whisper of a complaint! Several university students found that since they no longer had to travel to and from campus this extra time afforded them the opportunity to take additional classes.


need FoodWorking in partnership with our Canadian friends, food was delivered to families in desperate need. The project was funded by Friends of Honduran Children Canada. Our Director, Carlos Aguilar, purchased the food and together with the boys of Casa Noble, packaged and delivered food to 270 families living in desperate need. Another example of beautiful teamwork!





H4HC provides many high school scholarships for teenagers living in rural Naguara. Since there is no computer access in this remote village we provided cell phones for each high school student in order for them to communicate with their teachers and continue their lessons.




Much loved and respected Profe Moncho traveled each Friday up the mountain to his one room grammar school where he sat (with mask) outside to check each student’s lessons. It's no surprise why the government recognized him as an outstanding teacher of the year. Congratulations Profe Moncho!






We are planning to return to Honduras in 2021 once the vaccine is readily available and we adhere to all recommended safety measures. All H4HC service trips were cancelled in 2020 yet we have many new people registering for service trips in 2021.



The pandemic impacted the programs of H4HC enormously, resulting in the cancellation of all our 2020 service trips and the annual fundraiser. Since mid-June, in an effort to cover our most basic needs of rent, utilities and food, we have celebrated weekly “Zoom fundraiser fiestas”. We are enormously grateful to all who participated. Together you helped keep the girls and boys safe, healthy and moving forward while making the best of “quarantine in Honduras”. Each week the students in Casa Dorothee and Casa Noble looked forward to Sunday when they could see their sponsors, meet new people, and share their stories and music. They were thrilled and we are grateful. All of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.





Our 50/50 raffle was a huge success with a winner of $1500. The winning ticket was drawn by our dedicated intern, Francesca. Again, thanks to everyone for your generous participation.







    FROM THIS                               TO THIS
wnating an Education     to this

“A child without education is like a bird without wings"
Tibetan Proverb


The majority of Honduran children receive no education after sixth grade. There are many explanations:

The United Nations reports that Honduras has the worst educational system in Central America with countless rural children not completing sixth grade. As a result, boredom and the cycle of extreme poverty continue. Most at risk are rural youth who migrate to the cities in search of “opportunity”. Without the benefit of family or a place to live they are confronted with hunger, unemployment, disease, drug cartels, and brutal gangs. The United Nations Global Study on Homicides advocates strong investment in education and employability for the population most at risk- vulnerable children, youth, orphans and those without access to public services.
These are the children the Hope for Honduran Children Foundation serves.

On Line English Class Abundant and endless kudos to Luis Aguilar for his extraordinary work with the young men of Casa Noble and the girls of Casa Dorothee. Due to his Sunday on line classes, a majority of students living in the two houses are now bi-lingual and they were thrilled to practice with everyone during the Zoom fiestas!



During one of our “Fiestas”, two math geniuses, Marge and Phil, offered to help the Casa Noble boys with Saturday afternoon math classes. It was amazing to witness those “wow moments” each Saturday. I was particularly amazed at how Marge and Phil, with enormous patience, could explain why the math problems had relevance. Yelson Plata served as a fantastic translator. This is final exam week. The boys are confident with their math skills and each of them has commented on how much they will miss Marge and Phil.


Casa Dorothee Online English ClassesH4HC’s formidable intern, sixteen year old Francesca, spent over an hour each Thursday evening teaching English to the girls in Casa Dorothee. Not only did Marbely, Maria and Reina learn a good deal of English but their confidence soared and a very strong bond of friendship developed. It was a wonderful way to learn a new language and of course, there were many giggles along the way!





THINK CHRISTMAS ONLINE AUCTION For the next four weeks we will give you the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping from the comfort and safety of home via our online auction. Your Christmas gift will continue giving in a most significant way as all proceeds will help the H4HC 2021 education fund. Please be generous!!!

Each week we will post 1 or 2 auction items with both an opening bid and a "buy now" option. Shipping is NOT included. To send your bid or ask for more information just email Karen at Kgodt@h4hc.org


CASA NOBLE Fair Trade Sale!


The entrepreneurial boys of Casa Noble are also hoping that you will purchase their handmade backpack/purse organizers and/or their gloves both for $10 each plus shipping. To purchase please email Karen at Kgodt@h4hc.org







News from Honduras (February 2020)

Donor generosity has enormous and significant impact. A heartfelt thank you again to all our donors for making 2019 an extraordinary year for so many children! There is no child or teen in our programs who isn’t profoundly grateful to their sponsors. In addition, we are again grateful to:

San Juan de Rancho Michelle Burgess and Dress A Girl Ohio for creating over 500 beautiful sundresses for every young girl in our five villages.

Judy Pramik and her team for making countless dresses and shorts for young boys!

Ellen Mattingly for donating over 150 tubes of much needed toothpaste!

Cleveland State University Students for their generous donation of toothpaste, vitamins and backpacks


To the many girls who made the very cute dolls that found many loving homes

Special thanks again and ten thousand times again to all our donors for making another extraordinary year possible for so many children. There is no child or teen in our programs who isn’t profoundly grateful to their sponsors.



Recent Graduates



ALEX SAUCEDA graduated in November with a degree in education but will remain in the Casa Noble Home to continue his studies and earn a Masters degree in accounting



JOSE LUIS VELAZQUEZ graduated from the University in November and will remain in Casa Noble for four months to take an advanced course in education which will enable him to teach at the university level.



SANTOS MURILLO graduated from high school and will remain in Casa Noble while studying to become an auto mechanic.





10 Additional University Students



ELVIN AGUILAR Physical Education Instructor




Photo JARVIN AGUILAR Commerce & Business






SAHI AGUILAR Network Informatics Administration




JIMMY ILIAS - Commerce & Business










JARI MURILLO Commerce & Business






YELSON PLATA – Business Administration




EDUARDO REYES – Radiology Technician










ROSNY MANUEL ARGUIJO – Business Administration





The center is always a beehive of activity with new residents learning, older students busy with their micro enterprise and a growing number of local clients!

Casa Noble Micro Enterprise Team:
Fabricio Sauceda, Osman Lopez, Noe Lopez, Jose Rodriguez and Bryan Aguilar made and sold over 150 pouches to be used for travel, handbag/backpack organizer, cosmetic bag, eyeglass cases, etc. In 2020 the new students will focus on making the pouches while the experienced “business men” will work on high-end purses. Order an extraordinary pouch today!

EMAIL: kgodt@h4hc.org to receive photos and pricing.



February 2020 Humanitarian Trip

Due to several battles with the flu, bad backs, etc. the recent team was unusually small but just as amazing, dedicated, and fun as ever!
A few of the highlights include;









Make 2021 a most significant year and (click here to) sponsor a child!!!!!